Restauranteur faces criticism from ex-employee

Restauranteur faces criticism from ex-employee
Published on Sep 14, 2020

The Crisis

A national newspaper ran a sympathetic article about the closure of a popular restaurant because of financial issues caused by Covid-19 and lockdown. Following publication of the article, the journalist was contacted by an ex-employee of the restaurant who complained made several serious allegations about the restauranteur.  The reporter wanted answers.

The Action Taken

After speaking with the restauranteur, we were given access to a large file of correspondence between him and the ex-employee.  It was apparent this was a personal vendetta by a disgruntled and emotionally unbalanced individual.

We persuaded the agitated restaurant owner that a measured and factual response was in order, rather than an impassioned approach that would simply fan the flames and undoubtedly lead to more media coverage. 

The Outcome

The journalist acknowledged receipt of our statement and the threatened follow-up article did not appear.

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